UBC Music Initiative is passionate about bringing music to our partners on campus and in the community. See details below:

On Campus Performance Prices

  • For free on-campus events, we are willing to do short performances (10 minutes) for free. Honorariums are always appreciated.

  • For performances of 30 minutes or longer at a free, on-campus event, we expect to be provided with food or refreshments as a bare minimum cost (Honorariums suggested)

  • For an on-campus paid event or paid venue, we require:

    • $50 minimum for performances under 15 minutes

    • $100 minimum for performances between 15 – 20 minutes

    • $200 minimum for performances between 25 – 30 minutes

    • For performances longer than 30 minutes, please contact us to work out a price.




UMI is currently accepting rental requests for the 2019/2020 academic year. Our rates available here.

We suggest that you also hire a sound technician in addition to your rental to ensure that the equipment is properly handled.

We require all organizations that rent from us to sign an equipment liability form, completed copies of which can be made available upon request.